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A most rejuvenating spa experience

Guests of the Waldorf Astoria Spa Naples find a place to renew mind, body and spirit. In the sanctuary of an indoor-outdoor spa village, the Spa encompasses four pavilions in the Japanese tradition, set amid exquisite gardens. Architecture, landscaping and water features are interwoven to create an atmosphere of harmony and beauty, blending to present the experience of true tranquility.

An optimized you at this renowned spa

Immerse yourself where stress cannot find you, where serenity is your guide – the Waldorf Astoria Spa, a peaceful retreat, helping you reveal the grace, the reverence, the balance and health of an optimized you.

Spa Menu

Spa Menu

Click here for a complete listing of our extensive spa services and for more information about our spa.

How to Spa

How to Spa

This is your experience and we want you to be comfortable. It is customary for guests to completely disrobe for their spa services, although you may wear a swimsuit or undergarments if you prefer.

Health and Fitness

Health & Fitness

Work one-on-one with a Personal Trainer to develop your mind and your body. During your session, receive guidance on your workout regime, your diet, or your health goals and walk away with the tools to start a new, healthier life. A wide variety of times are available.

Request a Spa Treatment

Request A Service

Contact us for more information about any of our guest services. Allow us to arrange all details in advance of your visit. At Waldorf Astoria Naples, we consider it an honor to connect you with the services you seek – instantly and effectively.